输入:./configure -h可以查看configure的帮助


./configure --help
Usage: configure [options]
Options: [defaults in brackets after descriptions]

Help options:
  --help                   print this message
  --list-decoders          show all available decoders
  --list-encoders          show all available encoders

  --list-hwaccels          show all available hardware accelerators
  --list-demuxers          show all available demuxers
  --list-muxers            show all available muxers
  --list-parsers           show all available parsers
  --list-protocols         show all available protocols
  --list-bsfs              show all available bitstream filters
  --list-indevs            show all available input devices
  --list-outdevs           show all available output devices
  --list-filters           show all available filters

Standard options:
  --logfile=FILE           log tests and output to FILE [config.log]
  --disable-logging        do not log configure debug information
  --fatal-warnings         fail if any configure warning is generated
  --prefix=PREFIX          install in PREFIX []
  --bindir=DIR             install binaries in DIR [PREFIX/bin]
  --datadir=DIR            install data files in DIR [PREFIX/share/ffmpeg]
  --docdir=DIR             install documentation in DIR [PREFIX/share/doc/ffmpeg]
  --libdir=DIR             install libs in DIR [PREFIX/lib]

  --shlibdir=DIR           install shared libs in DIR [LIBDIR]
  --incdir=DIR             install includes in DIR [PREFIX/include]
  --mandir=DIR             install man page in DIR [PREFIX/share/man]

  --enable-rpath           use rpath to allow installing libraries in paths
                           not part of the dynamic linker search path
                           use rpath when linking programs [USE WITH CARE]

Licensing options:
  --enable-gpl             allow use of GPL code, the resulting libs
                           and binaries will be under GPL [no]
  --enable-version3        upgrade (L)GPL to version 3 [no]
  --enable-nonfree         allow use of nonfree code, the resulting libs
                           and binaries will be unredistributable [no]

Configuration options:
  --disable-static         do not build static libraries [no]
  --enable-shared          build shared libraries [no]

  --enable-small           optimize for size instead of speed
  --disable-runtime-cpudetect disable detecting cpu capabilities at runtime (smaller binary)
  --enable-gray            enable full grayscale support (slower color)
  --disable-swscale-alpha  disable alpha channel support in swscale
  --disable-all            disable building components, libraries and programs
  --enable-incompatible-libav-abi enable incompatible Libav fork ABI [no]
  --enable-raise-major     increase major version numbers in sonames [no]

Program options:
  --disable-programs       do not build command line programs
  --disable-ffmpeg         disable ffmpeg build
  --disable-ffplay         disable ffplay build
  --disable-ffprobe        disable ffprobe build
  --disable-ffserver       disable ffserver build

Documentation options:
  --disable-doc            do not build documentation
  --disable-htmlpages      do not build HTML documentation pages
  --disable-manpages       do not build man documentation pages
  --disable-podpages       do not build POD documentation pages
  --disable-txtpages       do not build text documentation pages

Component options:
  --disable-avdevice       disable libavdevice build
  --disable-avcodec        disable libavcodec build
  --disable-avformat       disable libavformat build
  --disable-avutil         disable libavutil build
  --disable-swresample     disable libswresample build
  --disable-swscale        disable libswscale build
  --disable-postproc       disable libpostproc build
  --disable-avfilter       disable libavfilter build
  --enable-avresample      enable libavresample build [no]
  --disable-pthreads       disable pthreads [autodetect]
  --disable-w32threads     disable Win32 threads [autodetect]
  --disable-os2threads     disable OS/2 threads [autodetect]
  --disable-network        disable network support [no]
  --disable-dct            disable DCT code
  --disable-dwt            disable DWT code
  --disable-error-resilience disable error resilience code
  --disable-lsp            disable LSP code
  --disable-lzo            disable LZO decoder code
  --disable-mdct           disable MDCT code
  --disable-rdft           disable RDFT code
  --disable-fft            disable FFT code
  --disable-faan           disable floating point AAN (I)DCT code
  --disable-pixelutils     disable pixel utils in libavutil

Hardware accelerators:
  --disable-dxva2          disable DXVA2 code [autodetect]
  --disable-vaapi          disable VAAPI code [autodetect]
  --disable-vda            disable VDA code [autodetect]
  --disable-vdpau          disable VDPAU code [autodetect]

Individual component options:
  --disable-everything     disable all components listed below
  --disable-encoder=NAME   disable encoder NAME
  --enable-encoder=NAME    enable encoder NAME
  --disable-encoders       disable all encoders

  --disable-decoder=NAME   disable decoder NAME
  --enable-decoder=NAME    enable decoder NAME
  --disable-decoders       disable all decoders
  --disable-hwaccel=NAME   disable hwaccel NAME
  --enable-hwaccel=NAME    enable hwaccel NAME
  --disable-hwaccels       disable all hwaccels
  --disable-muxer=NAME     disable muxer NAME
  --enable-muxer=NAME      enable muxer NAME
  --disable-muxers         disable all muxers
  --disable-demuxer=NAME   disable demuxer NAME
  --enable-demuxer=NAME    enable demuxer NAME
  --disable-demuxers       disable all demuxers
  --enable-parser=NAME     enable parser NAME
  --disable-parser=NAME    disable parser NAME
  --disable-parsers        disable all parsers
  --enable-bsf=NAME        enable bitstream filter NAME
  --disable-bsf=NAME       disable bitstream filter NAME
  --disable-bsfs           disable all bitstream filters
  --enable-protocol=NAME   enable protocol NAME
  --disable-protocol=NAME  disable protocol NAME
  --disable-protocols      disable all protocols
  --enable-indev=NAME      enable input device NAME
  --disable-indev=NAME     disable input device NAME
  --disable-indevs         disable input devices
  --enable-outdev=NAME     enable output device NAME
  --disable-outdev=NAME    disable output device NAME
  --disable-outdevs        disable output devices
  --disable-devices        disable all devices
  --enable-filter=NAME     enable filter NAME
  --disable-filter=NAME    disable filter NAME
  --disable-filters        disable all filters

External library support:
  --enable-avisynth        enable reading of AviSynth script files [no]
  --disable-bzlib          disable bzlib [autodetect]
  --enable-fontconfig      enable fontconfig, useful for drawtext filter [no]
  --enable-frei0r          enable frei0r video filtering [no]
  --enable-gnutls          enable gnutls, needed for https support
                           if openssl is not used [no]
  --disable-iconv          disable iconv [autodetect]
  --enable-ladspa          enable LADSPA audio filtering [no]
  --enable-libaacplus      enable AAC+ encoding via libaacplus [no]
  --enable-libass          enable libass subtitles rendering,
                           needed for subtitles and ass filter [no]
  --enable-libbluray       enable BluRay reading using libbluray [no]
  --enable-libbs2b         enable bs2b DSP library [no]
  --enable-libcaca         enable textual display using libcaca [no]
  --enable-libcelt         enable CELT decoding via libcelt [no]
  --enable-libcdio         enable audio CD grabbing with libcdio [no]
  --enable-libdc1394       enable IIDC-1394 grabbing using libdc1394
                           and libraw1394 [no]
  --enable-libfaac         enable AAC encoding via libfaac [no]
  --enable-libfdk-aac      enable AAC de/encoding via libfdk-aac [no]
  --enable-libflite        enable flite (voice synthesis) support via libflite [no]
  --enable-libfreetype     enable libfreetype, needed for drawtext filter [no]
  --enable-libfribidi      enable libfribidi, improves drawtext filter [no]
  --enable-libgme          enable Game Music Emu via libgme [no]
  --enable-libgsm          enable GSM de/encoding via libgsm [no]
  --enable-libiec61883     enable iec61883 via libiec61883 [no]
  --enable-libilbc         enable iLBC de/encoding via libilbc [no]
  --enable-libmfx          enable HW acceleration through libmfx
  --enable-libmodplug      enable ModPlug via libmodplug [no]
  --enable-libmp3lame      enable MP3 encoding via libmp3lame [no]
  --enable-libnut          enable NUT (de)muxing via libnut,
                           native (de)muxer exists [no]
  --enable-libopencore-amrnb enable AMR-NB de/encoding via libopencore-amrnb [no]
  --enable-libopencore-amrwb enable AMR-WB decoding via libopencore-amrwb [no]
  --enable-libopencv       enable video filtering via libopencv [no]
  --enable-libopenh264     enable H.264 encoding via OpenH264 [no]
  --enable-libopenjpeg     enable JPEG 2000 de/encoding via OpenJPEG [no]
  --enable-libopus         enable Opus de/encoding via libopus [no]
  --enable-libpulse        enable Pulseaudio input via libpulse [no]
  --enable-libquvi         enable quvi input via libquvi [no]
  --enable-librtmp         enable RTMP[E] support via librtmp [no]
  --enable-libschroedinger enable Dirac de/encoding via libschroedinger [no]
  --enable-libshine        enable fixed-point MP3 encoding via libshine [no]
  --enable-libsmbclient    enable Samba protocol via libsmbclient [no]
  --enable-libsoxr         enable Include libsoxr resampling [no]
  --enable-libspeex        enable Speex de/encoding via libspeex [no]
  --enable-libssh          enable SFTP protocol via libssh [no]
  --enable-libstagefright-h264  enable H.264 decoding via libstagefright [no]
  --enable-libtheora       enable Theora encoding via libtheora [no]
  --enable-libtwolame      enable MP2 encoding via libtwolame [no]
  --enable-libutvideo      enable Ut Video encoding and decoding via libutvideo [no]
  --enable-libv4l2         enable libv4l2/v4l-utils [no]
  --enable-libvidstab      enable video stabilization using vid.stab [no]
  --enable-libvo-aacenc    enable AAC encoding via libvo-aacenc [no]
  --enable-libvo-amrwbenc  enable AMR-WB encoding via libvo-amrwbenc [no]
  --enable-libvorbis       enable Vorbis en/decoding via libvorbis,
                           native implementation exists [no]
  --enable-libvpx          enable VP8 and VP9 de/encoding via libvpx [no]
  --enable-libwavpack      enable wavpack encoding via libwavpack [no]
  --enable-libwebp         enable WebP encoding via libwebp [no]
  --enable-libx264         enable H.264 encoding via x264 [no]
  --enable-libx265         enable HEVC encoding via x265 [no]
  --enable-libxavs         enable AVS encoding via xavs [no]
  --enable-libxcb          enable X11 grabbing using XCB [autodetect]
  --enable-libxcb-shm      enable X11 grabbing shm communication [autodetect]
  --enable-libxcb-xfixes   enable X11 grabbing mouse rendering [autodetect]
  --enable-libxcb-shape    enable X11 grabbing shape rendering [autodetect]
  --enable-libxvid         enable Xvid encoding via xvidcore,
                           native MPEG-4/Xvid encoder exists [no]
  --enable-libzmq          enable message passing via libzmq [no]
  --enable-libzvbi         enable teletext support via libzvbi [no]
  --disable-lzma           disable lzma [autodetect]
  --enable-decklink        enable Blackmagick DeckLink I/O support [no]
  --enable-nvenc           enable NVIDIA NVENC support [no]
  --enable-openal          enable OpenAL 1.1 capture support [no]
  --enable-opencl          enable OpenCL code
  --enable-opengl          enable OpenGL rendering [no]
  --enable-openssl         enable openssl, needed for https support
                           if gnutls is not used [no]
  --disable-sdl            disable sdl [autodetect]
  --enable-x11grab         enable X11 grabbing (legacy) [no]
  --disable-xlib           disable xlib [autodetect]
  --disable-zlib           disable zlib [autodetect]

Toolchain options:
  --arch=ARCH              select architecture []
  --cpu=CPU                select the minimum required CPU (affects
                           instruction selection, may crash on older CPUs)
  --cross-prefix=PREFIX    use PREFIX for compilation tools []
  --progs-suffix=SUFFIX    program name suffix []
  --enable-cross-compile   assume a cross-compiler is used
  --sysroot=PATH           root of cross-build tree
  --sysinclude=PATH        location of cross-build system headers
  --target-os=OS           compiler targets OS []
  --target-exec=CMD        command to run executables on target
  --target-path=DIR        path to view of build directory on target
  --target-samples=DIR     path to samples directory on target
  --tempprefix=PATH        force fixed dir/prefix instead of mktemp for checks
  --toolchain=NAME         set tool defaults according to NAME
  --nm=NM                  use nm tool NM [nm -g]
  --ar=AR                  use archive tool AR [ar]
  --as=AS                  use assembler AS []
  --windres=WINDRES        use windows resource compiler WINDRES [windres]
  --yasmexe=EXE            use yasm-compatible assembler EXE [yasm]
  --cc=CC                  use C compiler CC [gcc]
  --cxx=CXX                use C compiler CXX [g++]
  --dep-cc=DEPCC           use dependency generator DEPCC [gcc]
  --ld=LD                  use linker LD []
  --pkg-config=PKGCONFIG   use pkg-config tool PKGCONFIG [pkg-config]
  --pkg-config-flags=FLAGS pass additional flags to pkgconf []
  --ranlib=RANLIB          use ranlib RANLIB [ranlib]
  --doxygen=DOXYGEN        use DOXYGEN to generate API doc [doxygen]
  --host-cc=HOSTCC         use host C compiler HOSTCC
  --host-cflags=HCFLAGS    use HCFLAGS when compiling for host
  --host-cppflags=HCPPFLAGS use HCPPFLAGS when compiling for host
  --host-ld=HOSTLD         use host linker HOSTLD
  --host-ldflags=HLDFLAGS  use HLDFLAGS when linking for host
  --host-libs=HLIBS        use libs HLIBS when linking for host
  --host-os=OS             compiler host OS []
  --extra-cflags=ECFLAGS   add ECFLAGS to CFLAGS []
  --extra-cxxflags=ECFLAGS add ECFLAGS to CXXFLAGS []
  --extra-ldflags=ELDFLAGS add ELDFLAGS to LDFLAGS []
  --extra-ldexeflags=ELDFLAGS add ELDFLAGS to LDEXEFLAGS []
  --extra-libs=ELIBS       add ELIBS []
  --extra-version=STRING   version string suffix []
  --optflags=OPTFLAGS      override optimization-related compiler flags
  --build-suffix=SUFFIX    library name suffix []
  --enable-pic             build position-independent code
  --enable-thumb           compile for Thumb instruction set
  --enable-lto             use link-time optimization

Advanced options (experts only):
  --malloc-prefix=PREFIX   prefix malloc and related names with PREFIX
  --disable-symver         disable symbol versioning
  --enable-hardcoded-tables use hardcoded tables instead of runtime generation
                           disable buffer boundary checking in bitreaders
                           (faster, but may crash)
  --enable-memalign-hack   emulate memalign, interferes with memory debuggers
  --sws-max-filter-size=N  the max filter size swscale uses [256]

Optimization options (experts only):
  --disable-asm            disable all assembly optimizations
  --disable-altivec        disable AltiVec optimizations
  --disable-amd3dnow       disable 3DNow! optimizations
  --disable-amd3dnowext    disable 3DNow! extended optimizations
  --disable-mmx            disable MMX optimizations
  --disable-mmxext         disable MMXEXT optimizations
  --disable-sse            disable SSE optimizations
  --disable-sse2           disable SSE2 optimizations
  --disable-sse3           disable SSE3 optimizations
  --disable-ssse3          disable SSSE3 optimizations
  --disable-sse4           disable SSE4 optimizations
  --disable-sse42          disable SSE4.2 optimizations
  --disable-avx            disable AVX optimizations
  --disable-xop            disable XOP optimizations
  --disable-fma3           disable FMA3 optimizations
  --disable-fma4           disable FMA4 optimizations
  --disable-avx2           disable AVX2 optimizations
  --disable-armv5te        disable armv5te optimizations
  --disable-armv6          disable armv6 optimizations
  --disable-armv6t2        disable armv6t2 optimizations
  --disable-vfp            disable VFP optimizations
  --disable-neon           disable NEON optimizations
  --disable-inline-asm     disable use of inline assembly
  --disable-yasm           disable use of nasm/yasm assembly
  --disable-mipsdspr1      disable MIPS DSP ASE R1 optimizations
  --disable-mipsdspr2      disable MIPS DSP ASE R2 optimizations
  --disable-mipsfpu        disable floating point MIPS optimizations
  --disable-fast-unaligned consider unaligned accesses slow

Developer options (useful when working on FFmpeg itself):
  --disable-debug          disable debugging symbols
  --enable-debug=LEVEL     set the debug level []
  --disable-optimizations  disable compiler optimizations
  --enable-extra-warnings  enable more compiler warnings
  --disable-stripping      disable stripping of executables and shared libraries
  --assert-level=level     0(default), 1 or 2, amount of assertion testing,
                           2 causes a slowdown at runtime.
  --enable-memory-poisoning fill heap uninitialized allocated space with arbitrary data
  --valgrind=VALGRIND      run "make fate" tests through valgrind to detect memory
                           leaks and errors, using the specified valgrind binary.
                           Cannot be combined with --target-exec
  --enable-ftrapv          Trap arithmetic overflows
  --samples=PATH           location of test samples for FATE, if not set use
                           $FATE_SAMPLES at make invocation time.
  --enable-neon-clobber-test check NEON registers for clobbering (should be
                           used only for debugging purposes)
  --enable-xmm-clobber-test check XMM registers for clobbering (Win64-only;
                           should be used only for debugging purposes)
  --enable-random          randomly enable/disable components
  --enable-random=LIST     randomly enable/disable specific components or
  --disable-random=LIST    component groups. LIST is a comma-separated list
                           of NAME[:PROB] entries where NAME is a component
                           (group) and PROB the probability associated with
                           NAME (default 0.5).
  --random-seed=VALUE      seed value for --enable/disable-random










ffmpeg 、ffplay、ffprobe、ffserver这四个是四个生成的工具,后续会介绍。


5.输入make install进行安装,完成之后会在安装目录下出现以下文件夹。
















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